What is Rahanni Celestial Healing?

What is Rahanni Celestial Healing?

Rahanni is a wonderful energy healing that is so gentle and yet so powerful. It was channeled by a beautifully humble lady, Carol Anne Stacey in the UK in 2002. It is available to humanity at this time to help us open our heart centres and change our vibration so we can become more in line with our true essence. Rahanni means ‘Of One Heart’ and as the heart centre opens it releases fears and negativities on all levels. These have stored in the body from past lives and this life. Releasing them allows room for Truth, Love and Compassion, our true essence. Because of this high vibration of light, a deep level of healing takes place.

The practitioner needs to be attuned to these celestial energies which raises their vibration in order for them to channel it.

Rahanni is suitable for everyone* especially children, even unborn babies from the moment of conception. Animals LOVE it. They can actually feel the symbols being placed over their bodies.

The practitioner is taught what to do and who to call in. Various rays are used but Rahanni focuses on the magenta ray as this is for the heart.

As we raise our consciousness, peace, happiness and healing can take place. We have been through many shifts in this lifetime and Rahanni is available to us now to help us through this next stage of our growth. By releasing inner pain and burdens, it frees the mind, body and soul and brings us back in line with our Soul’s harmonious, loving way of being.

Perfect for people with ADHD, Hyperactivity, Stress and Anxiety, Mental or emotional trauma, Autism, Illness, Dis-ease, Sadness, Fears, Negative self Talk. Also suitable for Babies, Pregnant mothers, Children and Animals and anyone who is consciously ready to discover their true essence in order to live a more peaceful life in line with Soul.

Oh and did I say it’s suitable for everyone 🙂

Book in for a beautiful Rahanni healing and relax and relax some more.

For more information on attunements please contact me on 0404 766 844

or like my Facebook page Heart Angel – Healing Towards Soul Purpose for updates, events and attunement dates.


*people with a pacemaker must have distance healing only. People with schizophrenia must seek approval from a medical professional and will be determined from there.

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